Product image of the HRP-260
Product image of the HRP-260
3D model of a gate recess
3D model of a copper connect
3D model showing pre CMP
3D model of a STI CMP in detail


The HRP®-260 is a high-resolution, cassette-to-cassette stylus profiler offering step height measurement capability from a few nanometers to 300µm. The P-260 configuration supports 2D and 3D measurements of step heights, roughness, bow, and stress for scans up to 200mm without stitching. The HRP®-260 configuration offers the same capability as the P-260, plus a high-resolution stage that produces scanning results similar to an AFM. The HRP platform has advanced pattern recognition algorithms that enhance recipe transportability between systems, a key requirement for a 24x7 production environments.

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