Nanomechanical Testers

KLA-Tencor’s nanoindenter technology provides advanced and dependable instruments for nanoscale mechanical testing. Using electromagnetic actuation technology, our products achieve superior dynamic range in force and displacement.

Nano Indenter G200

The Nano Indenter G200 is an accurate, flexible, user-friendly instrument for nanomechanical testing. Electromagnetic actuation allows superior dynamic range in force and displacement, enabling measurement of deformation over six orders of magnitude, from nanometers to millimeters. Ultrafast and high temperature nanoindentation capabilities for hardness and modulus measurements enable the Nano Indenter G200 to execute scratch and wear testing on an expanding range of materials.

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Universal Testing Machine T150 UTM

The Universal Testing Machine T150 UTM offers researchers a superior means of nanomechanical characterization by employing an actuating transducer to deliver high sensitivity over a large range of strain. Dynamic characterization captures the evolution of mechanical properties such as strain, tensile strength and yield stress. The system comes complete with an acoustic chamber and vibration table, plus software that offers real-time experimental control, and easy test protocol applications.

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New Enhanced
NanoSuite 6.5 Software

NanoSuite 6.5 is a premium-performance software package designed for use with Nano Indenter G200 and T150 UTM systems. NanoSuite 6.5 gives researchers in scientific and industrial settings an unprecedented combination of speed, flexibility, and ease of use for nanoindentation and tensile testing.

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