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Product Description


The SpectraFilm™ F1 film metrology system helps chipmakers achieve strict process tolerances at sub-7nm logic and leading-edge memory design nodes by providing high-precision thin film measurements for a broad range of film layers including advanced multilayer film stacks like high-k metal gate. The high brightness light source drives the SpectraFilm F1’s spectroscopic ellipsometry technology and enables characterization and monitoring of advanced film stacks, while providing the signal required to accurately measure the bandgap and provide insight into electrical performance weeks earlier than e-test. New FoG™ (Films on Grating) algorithms further increase the measurement’s correlation to device by enabling film measurement on a device-like grating structure. With increased throughput, the SpectraFilm F1 film metrology system offers high productivity, supporting the increased number of film layers associated with multi-patterning and other leading-edge device fabrication techniques.

  • New spectroscopic ellipsometer enables the precision, stability and matching performance required for monitoring advanced films and film stacks using several optical technologies, including:
    • Laser sustained plasma light source, providing higher intensity and lower noise for greater sensitivity and improved stability on a broad range of materials
    • Multiple angles of incidence provide flexibility for high accuracy across a range of applications therefore reducing the need for DFF solutions
    • Polarization capability provided by novel polarizer and compensator technology provides additional measurement flexibility for higher sensitivity to critical film parameters on device-like grating structures
  • Optional Infrared Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (IRSE) supports film measurements on the thick, multi-layer film stacks used in 3D NAND flash devices and other film layers such as high absorption amorphous carbon hard masks
  • SWEep (single wavelength ellipsometer) incorporates a new laser and other improved optical elements to enable advanced matching on ultra-thin films
  • New Laser Driven Spectroscopic Reflectometer with unique TruNI™ illumination technology, enables the best sensitivity and accuracy for challenging applications, such as Films on Grating (FoG)
  • New algorithms provide improved metrology-to-device correlation:
    • Bandgap metrology on planar pads and grating structures
    • FoG engine supporting film stack measurements on grating structures
  • New stage design and the laser sustained light source enable higher throughput compared to predecessor models allows chipmakers to measure more film layers or to increase sampling, resulting in improved films process control
  • Recipe Database Management (RDM) allows engineers to easily create and manage recipes remotely for a fleet for more efficient operations
  • Recipe porting from Aleris and SpectraFilm LD10 to SpectraFilm F1 facilitates a flexible process control strategy within the fab and speeds production integration of the new SpectraFilm F1 platform
  • Reliable, extendible architecture protects fab’s capital investments
    • Laser sustained plasma light source allows a longer duration between preventative maintenance (PM) activity compared to previous light sources


Multi-Layer Thin Films: Advanced high-k metal gate stacks consist of multi-layer thin films, with materials such as high-k dielectrics, interfacial layers and metal films. With the new, laser sustained plasma light source and multiple angles of incidence, the SpectraFilm F1 provides thin film measurement capability beyond traditional SE systems. Supporting both development and production, the SpectraFilm F1 enables precise control of individual films in a multi-layer thin film stack reducing the need for DFF.

Films on Grating: The FoG algorithms in combination with the novel compensator and the spectroscopic reflectometer supports measurement of advanced films and film stacks on gratings while maintaining the required precision, stability and matching performance. FoG measurements provide improved device correlation and the flexibility to remove large planar pads from advanced node scribe lanes.

Bandgap Metrology: The bright laser sustained plasma light source of the SpectraFilm F1 allows for a high resolution measurement of the bandgap during the high-k metal gate process. This measurement can predict electrical performance such as leakage current weeks before electrical test and provides an additional process correctable during the high-k metal gate process that can be tuned to maximize device performance.

Patterning Control: SpectraFilm F1 provides advanced node thin film measurements and is a key component in KLA-Tencor’s 5D Patterning Control Solution™, which allows fabs to characterize, optimize and monitor fab-wide patterning processes using high-performance metrology systems and advanced data analysis.

Additional Products

SpectraFilm LD10: The SpectraFilm™ LD10 film metrology system provides reliable, high-precision thin and thick film measurements, refractive index and stress for a broad range of film layers at the 16nm design node and beyond

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