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SpectraFilm LD10 Film Measurement System

Product Description


The SpectraFilm™ LD10 film metrology system provides reliable, high-precision thin film measurement and thick film measurements, refractive index and stress for a broad range of film layers at the 16nm design node and beyond. A new high brightness light source drives the SpectraFilm LD10’s spectroscopic ellipsometry technology, enabling characterization and monitoring of advanced films and film stacks, including the thin, multilayer film stacks used in forming complex device structures, such as FinFETS, and the thick, multilayer film stacks found in 3D NAND flash devices. With significantly increased throughput, the SpectraFilm LD10 film metrology system offers high productivity, supporting the increased number of film layers associated with multi-patterning and other leading-edge device fabrication techniques.

  • Patented Broadband Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (BBSE) with a new, high brightness laser-driven plasma light source produces the precision, stability and matching performance required for monitoring advanced films and film stacks
  • Optional Infrared Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (IRSE) supports thick film measurements on the thick, multi-layer film stacks used in 3D NAND flash devices and other film layers such as opaque amorphous carbon hard masks
  • New, smaller BBSE box size supports the smaller scribe lanes associated with some advanced devices
  • Significantly higher throughput compared to predecessor models allows chipmakers to measure more film layers or to increase sampling, resulting in improved films process control
  • Recipe porting from Aleris models to SpectraFilm and Aleris-to-SpectraFilm tool matching facilitates a flexible process control strategy within the fab, maintains established production baselines, and speeds production integration of the new SpectraFilm platform
  • Recipe Database Management (RDM) allows engineers to easily create and manage recipes remotely for a fleet for more efficient operations
  • Optional StressMapper provides advanced stress measurement capability, helping chipmakers identify process issues that can lead to cracked or delaminated films or cause overlay errors
  • Reliable, extendible architecture protects fabs’s capital investments


Advanced Memory: Memory manufacturers continue to scale vertically with 3D NAND devices, creating complex structures with high aspect ratios. The SpectraFilm LD10’s IRSE module enables characterization of the ultra-thick, multilayer film stacks used in fabrication of these devices. By producing high precision and accuracy, the SpectraFilm LD10 helps memory manufacturers characterize these film stacks during advanced development. During high volume manufacturing, the SpectraFilm LD10 monitors the film stack deposition processes, helping drive more stable production by identifying variations beyond allowed tolerances.

Advanced Patterning: As chipmakers move to advanced design nodes, they are faced with increased fabrication complexity related to multi-patterning techniques. The SpectraFilm LD10’s high throughput helps fabs maintain high productivity while monitoring the increased number of film layers associated with these advanced multi-patterning technologies.

Multi-Layer Thin Films: Advanced FinFET and memory devices incorporate many multi-layer thin film stacks, such as thin NO and ONO. With the new, laser driven plasma light source thin film metrology system, the SpectraFilm LD10 provides thin film measurement capability beyond traditional SE systems, enabling precise control of these multi-layer thin films in both development and production.

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