Wafer Temperature Monitoring of Wet Clean & Other Wet Processes


While prior-generation wet clean systems were compatible with SensArray Sensor Wafers™ thicker than standard product wafers, many new wet clean systems used in IC manufacturing require monitor wafers of standard thickness. The new WetTemp-LP is designed to be compatible with both single wafer and batch wet clean systems that require this standard-thickness wafer form factor. Integrating multiple temperature sensors, the WetTemp-LP provides rich spatial data to allow users to improve productivity and matching of wet clean systems.

Enabling Wafer Temperature Monitoring of Wet Clean & Other Wet Processes:

  • Flat, wireless wafer with standard thickness for wet clean/etch thermal monitoring
    • Sealed, wet cleanable, chemical resistant
    • Lower profile than prior SensArray solutions
  • Suitable for both single wafer & batch wet clean systems
  • Enables the following use cases:
    • Qualifying new wet clean tools
    • Matching tools
    • Troubleshooting
    • Optimizing processes