Temperature Monitoring of Dry and Immersion Scanners


ScannerTemp allows highly accurate temperature monitoring of dry and immersion lithography systems, whose overlay performance is highly sensitive to thermal variation. With a flat, standard-thickness wafer format, it offers a sensor-to-sensor range of 0.03°C in a 20-24°C operating range — enabling temperature monitoring not previously available.

Enabling Wafer Temperature Monitoring of Dry and Immersion Scanners:

  • Flat, wireless wafer with standard thickness, high precision & low noise for lithography thermal monitoring
  • Allows temperature monitoring with HMDS and topcoat to monitor immersion scanner thermal uniformity
  • Enables the following use cases:
    • Qualifying new scanners/stages
    • Matching chucks & scanners
    • Verifying intra-tool thermal stability
    • Troubleshooting overlay