The heart of the LithoSuite Analysis System is LithoView, which provides standardized data viewing capability, including 2D and 3D ‘time slice’ views of data as well as mission control capability, allowing full SensorWafer communications, mission operations and data downloading. LithoView also includes a database and browser for complete history tracking.

AutoCal TrackTune Application

AutoCal is an advanced software application for use in calibrating and optimizing advanced track hotplates. The application leverages the accuracy and ease of use of BakeTemp and Integrated SensorWafers to capture a real picture of the photoresist processing zone. By combining detailed thermal profile data with an OEM plate specific thermal modeling engine, it generates optimized hotplate control system input parameter settings. These optimized settings dramatically improve within plate uniformity and synchronize plate-to-plate thermal profiles. AutoCal’s powerful modeling capabilities provide a cost effective calibration solution yielding unprecedented across fab plate performance.

Litho Suite AutoCal

Thermal Uniformity Benefit: Thermal uniformity is a key driver of critical dimension uniformity. In this example, AutoCal improved the thermal uniformity of multiple plates in dramatic fashion.

AutoCD Application Suite for Optimal CD Uniformity

The most advanced, dynamic control engine is AutoCD, which builds on the AutoCal capability and pushes the servo point forward - all the way to final critical dimension results for optimal CD uniformity. AutoCal adjusts the bake plate settings to the optimized end result - as defined by the user. In addition to taking the baseline thermal signature, the customer provides the CD result file to AutoCD, which applies its resist / layer thermal model to the file and inputs them to the offset generator engine. The offset generator engine combines this CD information with its plate thermal model intelligence from AutoCal, and creates optimized plate zone offsets targeted at optimal CD uniformity results. It is now possible to jump ahead in the process and control it from the very front, to achieve maximum performance in automated fashion.

LithoSuite AutoCD for CD Uniformity

In this example, AutoCD has a marked effect on final CD uniformity at a customer site. The chart on the left characterizes the baseline condition of the CD performance from the track, based on a 20 wafer sample. The top right chart shows the marked CD uniformity improvement due to AutoCD.

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