Integrated WaferThe wireless Integrated Wafer Process system is a unique wafer manufacturing tool for monitoring and maintaining your semiconductor wafer manufacturing processes. Without disrupting the wafer manufacturing process, this low profile wafer process system can travel through your equipment gathering critical thermal data. With components embedded in the silicon wafer, Integrated Wafer Process system produces a thermal mass and dynamic response equivalent to that of a product wafer. These advanced features, and the high sensor count, make the Integrated Wafer Process system ideal for measuring critical hot plate heating zone elements in advanced lithography applications from 15° to 145°C with ± 0.05°C accuracy at a variety of wafer manufacturing process stages.

The Integrated Wafer Process system operates from a base station that provides for communications and battery charging. Integrated into standard fab equipment, the base station enables the Integrated Wafer Process system to be deployed robotically, easily traveling through the fab with limited contamination risk.

Integrated Wafer Process system data files are fully compatible with SensArray LithoSuite software. This powerful software leverages graphic data and statistical tools providing a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the thermal environment within production equipment, enabling you to implement long-term optimizations to your wafer manufacturing processes.

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