Silicon Valley Career, Great Lakes Style

Ultramodern campus

Silicon Valley Career, Great Lakes Style

We are building an ultramodern campus, incorporated into 18 acres of natural woodland, just east of Ann Arbor. Get in on the ground floor and help define KLA’s future.

The Future

KLA is establishing a second headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We’re filling our temporary facility with over 600 talented engineers, physicists, data scientists and other problem-solvers while we build our new campus. Intrigued? Check out our many job openings!

Ann Arbor Openings

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Michigan coastline

Why Michigan?

Rich in culture, filled with natural beauty and home to the longest coastline of any state in the continental US, Michigan offers a little of everything. Located in the center of the beautiful Great Lakes region, Michigan offers a high quality of life, and natural beauty wherever you turn. The Detroit Metro Airport is nearby, with direct connections to critical international gateways across Europe and Asia. KLA has a deep relationship with the University of Michigan and is actively building partnerships across the Southeast Michigan ecosystem.

Why Michigan? Our CEO, Rick Wallace, Explains.

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University of Michigan

KLA and the University of Michigan have built a close partnership that extends from recruiting to technical collaborations. In 2018, KLA created a $3 million endowment for graduate fellowships and purchased the land for our campus from U-M. We’re excited to be establishing our Michigan home within minutes of North Campus and the College of Engineering.

University of Michigan
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Across the Midwest

Ann Arbor is our Midwest home, but we look forward to recruiting talented engineers, scientists and professionals from world-renowned universities, colleges and high-tech companies across the state and the Midwest region.


Michigan and automotive electronics are a natural fit. Michigan leads the nation in the number of projects and legislation passed for connected and automated vehicle testing. We’ll be right next door to the heart of the US automotive industry. We’ll be neighbors with Mcity, U-M’s test facility for connected and autonomous vehicles, and the American Center for Mobility, the world’s first self-driving highway test facility. In Michigan, major conferences take place, and industry standards are set. Want to learn more about how KLA accelerates automotive reliability?

Learn More About How KLA Accelerates Automotive

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Artificial Intelligence

Ann Arbor is home to our Artificial Intelligence R&D team. Our AI experts develop applications like machine learning and deep learning to extract intelligence from semiconductor manufacturing data sets. Come expand the boundaries of AI with us!

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