Unpatterned Wafer Surface Inspection Systems
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Product Description

Surfscan Series

The Surfscan® SP5XP unpatterned wafer inspection system is platform extension of the Surfscan SP5, enabling lower cost of ownership for qualification of current and next-generation substrates for 1Xnm technology nodes. The Surfscan SP5XP can operate at a sensitivity similar to that of the Surfscan SP5, but at much higher throughput, enabling increased sampling for a lower cost of ownership. Additionally, the Surfscan SP5XP provides higher available sensitivity on prime silicon, epitaxial, and SOI wafers, as well as other advanced substrates, than that of the previous-generation Surfscan SP5. The Surfscan inspection system also includes an integrated, high resolution SURFmonitor module that characterizes and measures surface quality, helping process modules qualify their process and tools by characterizing wafer surface quality and detecting subtle defects.

  • Powerful DUV source, incident laser innovations, new spot sizes and improved algorithms deliver sub-20nm sensitivity, increased throughput and enhanced defect detection and classification
  • Platform improvements produce the highest throughput-to-date on the Surfscan platform
  • Dual Threshold operates without throughput loss, allowing fabs to maintain their baseline while investigating the possible presence of new defect types and signatures
  • Surfscan SP5XP can perform rapid failure analysis and root-cause analysis on a broad range of defect types, including crystal-originated particles (COPs), epitaxial wafer stacking faults, slip lines, scratches and clustered defects
  • Improved Brightfield (BF) Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) optical mode enables detection and classification of critical defects such as Large Light Point Defects (LLPD)
  • Backside Inspection Module (BSIM) provides detection of critical wafer backside defects that can cause yield-impacting defocus issues in the lithography cell (300mm only)
  • Inline Defect Organizer (iDO) improves automatic defect classification capability producing the information required for quick, accurate wafer dispositioning
  • Matching between Surfscan SP5XP tools improves factory productivity by providing fabs with the option of routing WIP to different Surfscan SP5XP inspection tools to optimize work flow
  • Correlation of Surfscan SP5XP to Surfscan SP5 and SP3 baselines enhances fleet flexibility, allowing fabs to mix-and-match tools based on their unique sensitivity and throughput requirements
  • Field upgradeable from the Surfscan SP5 protects a fab’s capital investment
  • Flexible configurations support the specific performance requirements of different end-users

Integrated SURFmonitor is a defect/metrology module that utilizes background scattering (haze) data from Surfscan SP5XP scans to monitor process signatures and low contrast defects, without affecting inspection throughput. SURFmonitor can correlate haze to process parameters such as surface roughness and grain size, serving as a high speed, full-wafer metrology proxy for bare wafers and blanket films.


Substrate Manufacturing

Inline Process Control: Defects that can form during wafer processing (i.e. polish marks, crystalline pits, terracing, voids) can affect the performance of IC devices. Identifying these defects early in the wafer manufacturing process enables improved substrate quality and higher yield. The Surfscan SP5XP has extended sensitivity, throughput, and new and improved algorithms for enhanced defect detection and classification to reliability detect critical defects and surface quality issues inline, helping wafer manufacturers produce the top-grade substrates required for 1Xnm IC devices.

Final Wafer Qualification: The Surfscan SP5XP can be used by wafer manufacturers for final qualification of traditional and engineered substrates. While the high throughput of the Surfscan SP5XP provides increased productivity for final wafer check, the inspector’s high sensitivity ensures that the wafers meet IC manufacturers’ strict quality specifications.

For information on the Surfscan SP5XP inspection system available for IC chip manufacturing and OEMs, please see: Surfscan Series – Front-End Defect Inspection.

Additional Products


Surfscan SP5: Unpatterned wafer inspection system with DUV sensitivity and high throughput for IC and substrate manufacturing at the 2X/1Xnm design node.

Surfscan SP3: TUnpatterned wafer inspection system with DUV sensitivity and high throughput for IC and substrate manufacturing at the 2Xnm design node. Available in 300mm, 450mm and 300mm/450mm bridge tool configurations.

For other unpatterned wafer defect inspection tools, please see: K-T Certified.


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