Provides low cost of ownership to support LED industry cost per lumen goals


Product Description

The ICOS WI-2220 is a wafer inspection tool designed specifically for light emitting diode (LED) defect inspection that assists device makers in lowering their production costs, while increasing device reliability. With the WI-2220LED defect inspection, device makers can automate inspection of smaller die sizes that inhibit manual inspection, and for larger die sizes that require rapid corrective action to limit costly materials risk. The new die inspection system allows defect inspection of whole and diced wafers up to 200mm, with macro inspection sensitivity in the pre-die inspection and post-die inspection (i.e. front- and back-end) of LED wafers.

Compared to similar products on the market today, the ICOS WI-2220 LED wafer inspection system provides sensitivity to critical defects – while minimizing noise introduced by process variations – and offers outstanding over and underkill performance (die misclassification) at high inspection speed. The new pre-die inspection and post-die inspection system also offers low-image distortion, advanced optic filtering, rule-based binning (RBB) for real-time auto defect classification, and advanced metrology capabilities at high inspection throughput as a result of new proprietary inspection and data processing technology. This enables increased yields in the manufacturing process through yield base line improvement, excursion control as well as improved dispositioning in outgoing quality control inspections.


Inline (wafer fab)

  • Post deposition, lithography and etch

Post dicing (die fab)

  • Post singulation and stretch
  • Post sort

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