Reticle Defect Inspection Systems for Mask Shops
Teron 640    Teron 630    Teron 610    TeraScan 500XR


Product Description

The Teron™ 640 reticle defect inspection system provides advanced technologies to support mask shops’ development and production of complex masks for the 10nm design node and beyond. The latest in the industry-leading Teron 600 Series of 193nm illumination reticle inspection systems, the Teron 640 utilizes innovative Dual Imaging technology to produce the sensitivity required to identify lithographically significant and severe yield-damaging defects on of the most advanced optical masks. With a higher throughput option, the Teron 640 improves mask manufacturing cycle times and reduces mask inspection cost-of-ownership. The Teron 640 is offered with flexible configurations to meet the varied photomask qualification needs of reticle manufacturers.

  • 193nm illumination technology, optics, auto-focus, and sensor provide low-noise imaging
  • Innovative Dual Imaging mode – a combination of high resolution inspection and aerial imaging with printability-based defect dispositioning – produces the sensitivity necessary for qualification of advanced optical masks
  • Enhanced die-to-database inspection algorithms maximize defect sensitivity
  • Multiple reticle inspection detection modes, including die-to-database, die-to-die, STARlight, CDU, and blank modes
  • Optional higher throughput mode decreases time-to-results
  • Flexible configurations support various mask shop technology and capacity requirements
  • EUV-compatible architecture enables collaboration on mask shop EUV reticle inspection requirements
  • Upgradeability from the Teron 630 and extendibility to future design nodes protect a fab’s capital investment
  • Linkage to RDC, a reticle data analysis and management system, provides a wide array of capabilities that drive automated defect disposition decisions and improve cycle time

Teron 630: Industry production standard for 1Xnm / 2XHP optical and EUV reticles. Upgrades available.

Teron 610: Industry production standard for 2Xnm / 3XHP optical reticles. Upgrades available.

TeraScan 500XR: Industry production standard for 3Xnm / 4XHP optical reticles.

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