Reticle Defect Inspection Systems for Mask Shops
Teron 640e   Teron 640    Teron 630    Teron 610    TeraScan 500XR


Product Description

The Teron 640e reticle inspection product line advances the development and qualification of leading-edge EUV and 193 patterned reticles in mask shops by detecting critical pattern and particle defects. Using die-to-database or die-to-die modes, these inspection systems are designed to handle the wide range of stack materials and complex OPC structures characteristic of the latest 7nm and 5nm device nodes. The Teron 640e product line also achieves the stringent cleanliness requirements specified for the production of EUV masks.

The Teron 640e reticle inspection product line incorporates several optics and image processing enhancements that enable its performance, throughput, and cost of ownership.

  • EUV-specific defect enhancement technology and multi-pass sequencing offer the choice of high defect sensitivity for pre-repair inspection or fast scanning for post-clean particle inspection
  • Flexible optics and advanced image processing enable the Teron 640e models to meet the wide range of defect capture specifications for developing technology nodes
  • EUV-specific throughput advances accelerate reticle manufacturing cycle times and lower inspection costs
  • Ultra-high particle cleanliness supports the “zero particles added” requirement for EUV masks
  • Upgrade opportunities from the Teron 630 and 640 product lines plus planned extendibility to future nodes protect a mask shop’s capital investment
  • Linkage to the RDC reticle data analysis and management system provides a wide array of capabilities that drive automated defect disposition decisions and improve cycle time

The Teron 640e reticle inspection product line represents a key component in KLA-Tencor’s 5D Patterning Control Solution™, providing reticle defect inspection data for mask dispositioning and characterizing hotspots before lithography.

Teron 640: Industry production standard for optical and EUV reticles at the 10nm node and beyond. Upgrades available.

Teron 630: Industry production standard for 1Xnm / 2XHP optical and EUV reticles. Upgrades available.

Teron 610: Industry production standard for 2Xnm / 3XHP optical reticles. Upgrades available.

TeraScan 500XR: Industry production standard for 3Xnm / 4XHP optical reticles. Upgrades available.

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