Reticle Decision Center – Data Analysis and Management


RDC, Reticle Decision Center, is a comprehensive data analysis and management system that supports multiple KLA-Tencor reticle inspection and metrology platforms for mask shops and IC fabs. RDC provides a wide array of applications that drive automated defect disposition decisions, improve cycle time and reduce the reticle-related patterning errors that can affect yield. In addition to providing critical applications, RDC serves as a central data management system utilizing a high reliability, flexible server configuration.

RDC includes the following software applications that help reduce cycle time, improve yield and ensure more accurate disposition:

  • ADC: Automatic Defect Classification runs concurrently with defect inspection
  • LPR: Lithographic Plane Review for printability assessment
  • DPM: Defect Progression Monitor for haze and repair degradation applications
  • AIA: Aerial Image Analysis
  • RPG: Reference Pattern Generator for repair
  • IRQ: In-situ Repair Qualification
  • RUS: Remote User Station for review
  • Defect data storage and retrieval of reticle inspection and metrology setup and results files

RDC replaces the KT-98e reticle inspection data server. For older-generation reticle inspection data management tools, please see K-T Certified.

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