Automated Defect Data Analysis with Reticle Requalification Support

Product Description


Klarity Defect is an automated inline defect analysis module and data management system that helps fabs achieve faster yield learning cycles through real-time identification of excursions. Featuring easy recipe creation and seamless integration with inspectors and review tools, Klarity Defect provides reticle requalification capabilities such as efficient defect source analysis, for faster identification of yield problems.

  • Provides fabs with automated analysis of defect data generated by inspection, review, and classification tools for line monitoring, instant go/no-go decision-making, and improved operating efficiency
  • Automates complex engineering methodologies using simple flowcharts, dramatically improving productivity and time to results
  • Provides analysis of edge inspection defect data, including the comparison of data from edge-inspection systems with front-side inspection systems to identify situations where defects are migrating from the wafer edge to die on the wafer’s front side
  • Delivers rapid analysis of large sets of defect data and reduces data sets to reveal the yield-critical defects
  • Enables transfer of expert engineering knowledge and defect-analysis routines to fab operators
  • Features fast, intuitive recipe creation and scheduling
  • Suggests known causes of defect excursions by enabling the comparison of the spatial distribution of clusters of defects with known patterns of defectivity
  • Links with Klarity SSA to provide complete signature analysis capability
  • Ensures quick communication on out-of-control and priority lots through improved HTML output and automated email lot summaries
  • Allows users to quickly identify defect related process equipment problems with WIP Commonality Analysis
  • Incorporates tool monitor wafer look up – making it easier for users to identify the sources of line monitor wafer problems and set up tool monitor specifications
  • Includes true yield prediction capability which enables users to optimize their inspection and review strategy and adjust wafer starts to meet yield targets

Klarity Defect now supports reticle requalification in the fab with the new Klarity Reticle option.

  • Tracks the growth of haze and other progressive defects on the reticle to help determine optimum reticle cleaning cycle
  • Traces a repeating defect on the reticle to its source by using reticle defect source analysis (DSA) and automated coordinate matching between reticle inspection data sets
  • Groups defects according to user-specified sub-areas of the reticle to enable selective monitoring of active areas
  • Presents summaries in easy-to-understand graphs and tables


Klarity Defect with Klarity Bitmap, Klarity SSA, and Klarity ACE XP form a fab-wide yield acceleration solution that automatically reduces defect inspection, classification and review data to relevant root-cause and yield-analysis information. Using this reticle requalification information, manufacturers can take corrective action sooner, resulting in faster yield improvements and better time to market.

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