Product Description

The ICOS® WI-22xx Wafer Inspector performs automated optical inspection and metrology of microelectronic devices on a variety of semiconductor wafer substrates, surface inspection, and 2D bump inspection. The WI-22xx Wafer Inspector offers a dramatic improvement in wafer inspection speed, allowing manufacturers to transition to larger LED and MEMS wafer sizes. This Wafer Inspector's automated optical inspection capabilities enable whole wafer defect inspection and diced wafer defect inspection up to 200mm, with macro inspection sensitivity in the pre-dice and post-dice wafer inspection (i.e., front- and back-end) of high-brightness (HB) LEDs and MEMS wafers. Key market segments for the defect inspection system include semiconductor IC, optoelectronics, advanced packaging, and MEMS.
The WI-22xx Wafer Inspector is a manual or automated loading system, and inspects any semiconductor wafer type without hardware changeover, including whole wafers from 2 to 8 inches, diced wafers on FFC and on a hoop ring. The WI-22xx Wafer Inspector is designed with IRIS (ICOS Review and Classification Software) which offers on and offline defect review and reclassification, as well as offline reclassification capability on any other PC. The new WI-22xx Wafer Inspector also offers advanced rule-based binning (RBB) for real-time defect classification, advanced metrology capabilities, and faster throughput for inspection as a result of new inspection and data processing technology, which allows an increase in inspection speed of whole and diced wafers. This new solution works in conjunction with the Candela HBLED unpatterned wafer inspection system, to provide comprehensive, yield-improving inspection coverage to the front-end of the line, including analysis for disposition, defect reduction and excursion control.


  • Surface inspection
  • 2D bump inspection
  • Probe mark inspection

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