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Product Description

The Puma 9980 is the newest member of the laser scanning patterned wafer defect inspection platform. It incorporates multiple sensitivity and speed enhancements that enable capture of critical defects of interest (DOI) at throughputs required for high volume manufacturing for 1Xnm advanced logic and advanced DRAM and 3D NAND memory devices. Part of a portfolio of advanced wafer defect inspection and review tools that accelerate the development and production ramp of leading-edge devices, the Puma 9980 laser scanning inspection system provides the highest throughput solution for production ramp monitoring by enhancing capture of defect types on advanced patterning layers in FEOL and BEOL applications. The Puma 9980 incorporates NanoPoint™ design-aware capability which produces more actionable inspection results through increased defect sensitivity, improved systematic nuisance binning and tightened coordinate accuracy. The Puma 9980 laser scanning defect inspector is field-upgradable from the Puma 9850, making its advanced capabilities readily available to customers.

  • New sensor and advanced algorithms produce significantly improved sensitivity to challenging defect types, including bottom bridges, tungsten residue and oxide scratches, enabling the use of the Puma 9980 for a range of high-end inspection applications
  • Integration of innovative NanoPoint™ technology leverages design information for care area creation, resulting in systematic nuisance suppression and increased sensitivity to critical defects-of-interest
  • Multiple platform enhancements, including a faster stage, higher data rate sensors and a new image computer, deliver increased throughput compared to the Puma 9850, enabling higher sampling for tighter process control during ramp of advanced nodes
  • Production-proven Puma platform with upgradeability from the Puma 9850 and extendibility to future design nodes protect a fab’s capital investment
  • New optical hardware enhancements produce optimal capability of pulsed laser power, enabling improved detection of critical defects
  • Shared user interface with other KLA-Tencor inspectors and review tools optimize inspector capacity and reduce production integration time

NanoPoint™ enables monitoring of yield-killer defects by leveraging critical patterns on the Puma 9980 laser scanning defect inspector. For high volume production, NanoPoint is implemented on the Puma 9980 to monitor defectivity on critical patterns and to improve systematic nuisance binning, providing much earlier warning of process drift, which allows engineers to take corrective action before yield is affected.


Etch: The Puma 9980’s new sensor, algorithms and NanoPoint technology enable the capture of yield-limiting etch defects such as bottom bridges and protrusions. The Puma 9980 finds these critical etch defects of interest on both logic and memory devices, with significantly improved detection and reduced nuisance capture compared to previous-generation Puma inspection systems. By capturing yield-relevant etch DOI in all die regions at production throughputs, the Puma 9980 serves as a high productivity solution for identifying and monitoring etch process excursions.

CMP: The Puma 9980 captures micro-scratches, oxide scratches, residue, and other CMP defects at high throughput, helping engineers quickly identify process issues in the CMP process module.

Lithography: The Puma 9980 laser scanning defect inspector complements higher sensitivity broadband plasma inspections by providing a high productivity option for lithography applications, including after-develop inspection (ADI), photo-cell monitoring (PCM) and process wafer qualification (PWQ). Surface selectivity is achieved with unique optical modes and an innovative product architecture, enabling the Puma 9980 to capture critical lithography defects of interest at high throughput.

Films: The Puma 9980’s improved throughput at higher sensitivity enables the most cost-effective laser scanning inspection for films monitoring applications. Improved sensitivity enable detection of very small particles, while new algorithms and additional noise suppression technologies produce the surface selectivity required for defect capture on all films layers.


Additional Products

    Puma 9850 Series: Provides high sensitivity excursion monitoring in all die regions for 2X/1Xnm memory and logic devices.

Puma 9650 Series: Provides high performance excursion monitoring in all die regions for ≤28nm memory and logic devices.

Puma 9500 Series: Provides high performance excursion monitoring for ≤32nm memory and logic devices.

For other laser scanning patterned wafer defect inspection systems please see K-T Certified.

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