Klarity Spatial Signature Analysis (SSA)

Product Description

Klarity SSA (Spatial Signature Analysis) is an add-on process monitoring capability for KLA-Tencor's Klarity yield analysis software, enabling accelerated yield learning and improved baseline yields. Klarity Spatial Signature Analysis employs a proprietary algorithm that automatically detects and classifies spatial signatures (i.e. defect clusters and patterns) which can indicate an out-of-spec process or a process tool problem.

  • Automatically identifies, analyzes and characterizes process-induced spatial signatures and defect clusters 
  • Identifies process excursions based on spatial signature classification and defect signature analysis, even though wafers may be within spec based on defect count
  • Enables defect signature analysis and monitoring by zone, by associating spatial signature analysis classes (e.g. ring, radial, scratch, line) with pre-defined areas of the wafer (e.g. edge)
  • Allows flexible spatial signature root-cause analysis through dynamic SSA - an ad-hoc spatial signature analysis which allows the user to select various stacking and filtering methods 
  • Links with Klarity Defect to speed spatial signature root-cause analysis


Klarity Spatial Signature Analysis with Klarity Defect, Klarity Bitmap, and Klarity ACE XP form a fab-wide yield acceleration solution that automatically reduces defect inspection, defect signature classification and review data to relevant spatial signature root-cause analysis and yield-analysis information. Using this spatial signature analysis information, manufacturers can take corrective action sooner, resulting in faster yield improvements and better time to market.

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