KLA-Tencor 5D Patterning Control Solution: Optimal patterning through fab-wide process control


KLA-Tencor’s innovative 5D Patterning Control Solution™ drives optimal patterning through the characterization, optimization and monitoring of processes inside and outside the lithography module. By identifying fab-wide sources of pattern variation and implementing intelligent feedback and feed forward process control loops, this 5D Patterning Control Solution helps chipmakers obtain improved patterning using existing process equipment for faster, cost-effective yield ramps.

The 5D Patterning Control Solution includes the following process control solutions and systems:

New Products:
Archer Series: wafer pattern overlay SpectraShape : critical dimension and feature shape
WaferSight PWG: patterned wafer geometry SensArray : in-situ process monitor
Additional Products:
5D Analyzer: data analysis and patterning control SpectraFilm: films thickness, refractive index, stress
Teron 600 Series: reticle defect and CDU for mask shops LMS IPRO6: reticle pattern registration
Teron SL650 Series: reticle defect and CDU for IC fabs RDC: reticle data analysis and management
PROLITH : virtual patterning ProDATA: Process window analysis

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5D Patterning Control Solution Video Overlay and Film Metrology Systems for 5D Patterning Control Solution
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