KLA-Tencor’s wafer manufacturing equipment and tools include wafer manufacturing inspection (wafer surface defect inspection tools), wafer shape quality review, metrology and data management systems. Specialized wafer manufacturing quality inspection tools assess wafer surface quality and detect, count and bin defects during the wafer manufacturing process and as a critical part of outgoing wafer quality inspection. Wafer geometry systems ensure the wafer shape is extremely flat and uniform in thickness, with precisely controlled wafer shape topography. Specifications for wafer defectivity, geometry and wafer shape quality are tightening as the dimensions of transistors become so small that the properties of the substrate can substantially affect transistor performance.

Wafer Surface and Wafer Defect Inspection Tools

  • Surfscan SPx: Wafer surface quality and wafer defect inspection tools and systems for inspection of polished wafers, epi wafers and engineered substrates during the wafer fabrication process.

Wafer Defect Review System

  • eDR7200 Series: SEM-based wafer defect review and classification system

Wafer Geometry and Nanotopography Metrology

  • WaferSight 2+: Wafer thickness, shape and flatness metrology systems

Data Management System

  • FabVision: Data management system for wafer manufacturing factories
  • Klarity Defect: Data management and analysis modules for wafer manufacturing