KLA’s Voyager® 1015 and Surfscan® SP7 wafer inspection systems address two key challenges in process and tool monitoring at the 7nm logic and leading-edge memory design nodes. The Voyager 1015 system offers new capability to inspect patterned wafers after-develop (ADI), when the wafer can be reworked. The Surfscan SP7 system delivers unprecedented defect sensitivity on bare wafers, and smooth and rough films. Together the two new inspection systems are designed to accelerate time-to-market for innovative electronic devices by capturing defect excursions at their source.

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Voyager® 1015

Laser Scanning Patterned Wafer Inspection System

Revolutionary inspection capability at required cost of ownership supports development and production ramp monitoring of the lithography cell and beyond to other process steps in IC fabs.

  • DUV laser, new optics architecture and the largest solid angle collector produce the required inspection sensitivity at advanced design nodes
  • New sensors and a switchable continuous-wave laser enable inspection of fragile resists for EUV/193i inline ADI monitoring and photo-cell monitoring (PCM) applications
  • Unique oblique illumination and advanced algorithms suppress noise sources inherent to ADI inspections for more relevant inspection results
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Surfscan® SP7

Unpatterned Wafer Inspection System

Ultimate sensitivity on bare wafers, smooth films and rough films supports development and production of advanced substrates, processes and devices at wafer houses, OEMs and IC fabs.

  • Innovations in illumination and sensor architecture provide sensitivity to the smallest defects, enabling faster time to root cause by identifying killer defects at the source
  • Improved optics resolution and peak power control enable inspection of fragile resists and lithography film stacks for EUV/193i tool and material qualification
  • Enhanced defect classification produces real-time DOI pareto for accurate wafer dispositioning

Process | Tool Monitoring

Identify process tool excursions at the source

An effective monitoring strategy will help fab engineers identify a bad process, bad tool or a bad chamber quickly to minimize possible excursions in the production line. KLA’s wafer inspection systems have the sensitivity, throughput and ease of use necessary to provide the defect signals to effectively control the process tools and improve the baseline yield.


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The Voyager 1015 and Surfscan SP7 systems are part of a portfolio of process control systems that support chip manufacturing

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