An error-free reticle (also known as a photomask or mask) represents a critical element in achieving high semiconductor device yields, since reticle defects can be replicated in many die on production wafers. Reticles are built upon blanks: substrates of quartz deposited with absorber films. KLA-Tencor offers high sensitivity inspection systems for blank manufacturers and mask shops, helping ensure that reticles and the blanks upon which they are built are defect-free. Reticle metrology systems ensure that reticles meet requirements for pattern placement and critical dimensions.

Reticle Inspection

  • Teron 600 Series: Photomask inspection systems designed to enable development and production of advanced optical and EUV reticles

Reticle Blank Inspection

  • FlashScan 200 Series: Defect inspection systems designed to enable development and manufacturing of optical and EUV reticle blanks

CD and Overlay Metrology

Data Management and Analysis