The KLA-Tencor Ombudsman Office

The purpose of the KLA-Tencor Ombudsman Office is to:

  • Provide a means for suppliers, employees, customers and others to inform KLA-Tencor of procurement-related concerns and issues in an anonymous and secure way.  
  • Provide KLA-Tencor with a means of finding out about situations that it may not be aware of that are impairing supplier relationships or where KLA-Tencor, its employees or suppliers are in violation of our business practices or not in compliance with laws.

While it is best to always try and resolve procurement-related issues locally with your procurement contact, in the event that is not possible, or the concern is sensitive in nature, we suggest you contact the Ombudsman’s Office by submitting the KLA-Tencor Ombudsman Form. The responsibility of the Ombudsman is to be a neutral party representing KLA-Tencor and our suppliers’ best interests. The Ombudsman will address each issue separately and confidentially.

The Ombudsman will also investigate and drive the appropriate action. The Ombudsman will also assure the issue is brought to the proper level within KLA-Tencor.


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