Product Description
The SmartFOUP and SmartBox deployment platforms are built upon wireless technology expertise. Each deployment platform device contains a fully sealed on-board diagnostics system that provides the “intelligence” while maintaining a strict, contamination-free storage environment. Advanced electronics and diagnostic routines provide hands-free, automated control of all required SensorWafer maintenance functions yielding “on-demand” SensorWafer availability. SmartFOUP deployment platform facilitates deployment of the SensorWafer metrology system in advanced 300mm semiconductor production lines while SmartBox deployment platform provides full maintenance capabilities for SensorWafers and MaskTemp. SmartFOUP deployment platform provides the factory integration and SmartBox deployment platform provides the flexibility and portability demanded by fab production engineers.

SmartFOUP and SmartBox Deployment Platform Capabilities:

SensorWafer Communication and Data Transfer

  • Integrated SensorWafer Presence Detector Initiates Automated Communication Sequence
  • Automatic Downloading of Thermal Profile Data to On-Board Data Storage
SensorWafer Power Plant Maintenance
  • Automated On-Board System Provides Analysis of SensorWafer Power Plant
  • Proprietary Algorithms Provide Unassisted Charging for Optimal SensorWafer Lifetime
  • Visual Indicators Communicate SensorWafer Status (Red, Yellow, Green)
SensorWafer Healthcheck
  • Proprietary Health Diagnostic Periodically Evaluate SensorWafer Status
  • Intelligent Routines Ensure On-Demand SensorWafer Availability
  • Visual Indicators Report GO/NO-GO Status to User
SmartFOUP and SmartBox Power Plant Maintenance
  • Periodic docking required for these deployment platform in order to recharge on board power system
  • Visual Indicators Report SmartFOUP and SmartBox Deployment Platform Status

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