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The PlasmaVolt™ X2 measures plasma etch chamber conditions in semiconductor wafer processing systems. With an increased number of embedded sensors and improved spatial resolution, the PlasmaVolt X2 is highly sensitive to changes in various parameters such as radio frequency (RF) power, gas flows, magnetic fields, and chamber design. This plasma behavior measurement and characterization system enables enhanced plasma etch chamber-to-chamber matching, tool qualification, system troubleshooting, and process development for wafer processing production environments.

The PlasmaVolt X2 measures “above the wafer” effects in a plasma etch chamber and provides detailed information about plasma behavior throughout the entire plasma etch process. Results are available immediately after the measurement, reducing time-to-results by hours. With this complete plasma etch chamber information in hand, plasma etch engineers are now able to compare plasma etch chambers across the fab and make the necessary process adjustments to the wafer processing. Paired with KLA-Tencor’s PlasmaTemp G4, which is designed for temperature measurements, the PlasmaVolt X2 is the best tool to effectively map the complete plasma etch chamber, for tool monitoring, tool qualification and process development applications.

Plama Volt Process

PlasmaVolt X2 can help compare plasma etch rates between chambers in semiconductor wafer processing systems.

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