The increasing demand for MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) technology is coming from diverse industries such as automotive manufacturing, space and consumer electronics. MEMS manufacturing promises to revolutionize nearly every product category by bringing together silicon-based microelectronics with micromachining technology, making possible the realization of complete systems-on-a-chip. KLA-Tencor offers the MEMS manufacturing tools and techniques, first developed for the integrated circuit industry, for this emerging MEMS manufacturing market.

Substrate Surface Metrology for MEMS Manufacturing

Stylus Profiling
  • P-Series: Benchtop stylus profilers for MEMS manufacturing applications
  • HRP-250: Stylus-based 200mm surface topography metrology system
  • HRP-350: Automated 300mm surface profile topography system

MEMs Manufacturing Wafer Inspection

  • ICOS WI-2xx0: Optical inspection and metrology of MEMS manufacturing devices on a variety of wafer substrate
  • ICOS WI-22xx Series: Automated optical inspection and metrology of MEMS manufacturing devices on a variety of wafer substrates, surface inspection, and 2D bump inspection
  • ICOS WI-2280: Next-generation inspection capabilities and flexibility for LED applications.

MEMs Manufacturing Optical Profiling

  • MicroXAM - 100: 3D Surface Profilometer and Optical Interferometer
  • MicroXAM - 800: 3D White Light Interferometer for Surface Topography
  • MicroXAM - 1200: 3D non-contact profilometer is a surface characterization solution for a wide range of applications and industries.


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