High Brightness LED (“HB-LED”) usage is increasing for new applications as LED manufacturing process costs decrease and performance improves. HB-LED wafer applications such as mobile phone LCD screens and keypads and flashlights for camera phones have been the drivers for HB-LED wafer manufacturing market growth in the last couple of years, as well as car headlights, LCD TV backlights and traffic signaling. HB-LED’s typically are used for high-end applications, making LED manufacturing quality control imperative. Our ICOS LED wafer inspection system offers outgoing automated visual inspection of HB-LED wafer manufacturing process for quality of the wafer surface.

HB-LED Wafer Manufacturing Inspection

Wafer Defect Inspection
MOCVD Process Control

  • Candela 8720 LED Defect Inspection: Enabling improved substrate surface metrology and epi process control with high sensitivity to yield-limiting wafer defects
  • Candela CSxx: Candela LED wafer defect inspection and classification systems for compound semiconductor and optoelectronic materials
  • ICOS WI-2280: Next-generation inspection capabilities and flexibility for LED wafer applications.

LED Manufacturing Data Management and Analysis

  • KLARITY LED: Automated HB-LED wafer manufacturing defect analysis of inspection results for LED yield enhancement

Surface Metrology
Stylus Profiling

  • P-Series: Benchtop stylus profilers for production applications
  • HRP-250: Stylus-based 200mm surface topography metrology system

Optical Profiling

  • MicroXAM - 800: 3D White Light Interferometer for Surface Topography


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