Growth in data storage and management system is being driven by a wave of innovative consumer electronics with small form factors and immense data storage capacities. Our process control equipment and yield management solutions help customers rapidly understand and resolve complex manufacturing problems, resulting in faster time to market and increased product yields. In the front-end and back-end of thin-film head wafer manufacturing, we are the leading provider of the same process control equipment with which we serve the semiconductor industry. We offer an extensive range of process control test equipment and surface profilers with particular strength in photolithography and magnetics control. In substrate and media manufacturing data for process control, we offer metrology and defect inspection systems with KLA-Tencor’s optical surface analyzers and magnetic and optical mappers.

Head and Slider Manufacturing

Thin Film Head Metrology and Inspection
  • Puma 91xx Series: Laser-based optical inspection systems
  • Aleris Family: Film thickness, refractive index, stress and composition metrology systems for thin dielectric films
  • HRP-260: Automated high resolution stylus profiler for measurement of step height, CMP, roughness, and stress
  • Archer™: Overlay registration metrology systems
  • P-17: Manual load stylus profiler for measurement of step height, roughness, and stress
Virtual Lithography
  • PROLITH: Lithography simulation tool
  • 5D Analyzer: Advanced data analysis solution supporting a wide range of metrology systems
In-Situ Process Monitoring
  • Thermal MAP: Wireless data acquisition hardware and graphical software for process control, visualization and analysis
  • Thermal TRACK: PC-based PDA supplies real-time process measurements
  • SensArray 1530: Instrumented wafer for cold wall, RTP, sputtering, CVD, plasma strippers and epitaxial reactors
  • SensArray 1840 Rev A: Instrumented wafers for real-time hot plate temperature measurements

Media and Drive Integration

Transparent and Metal Substrate Inspection Metrology
  • Candela 7100: Advanced defect detection and classification of micro-pits, bumps, and particles
  • Candela 6xxx Series: Defect inspection and topography measurement systems for substrates and media
Yield Management Control

Manufacturing Data Management for Process Control