KLA-Tencor’s comprehensive portfolio of defect inspection and metrology equipment helps integrated circuit manufacturers manage yield throughout the entire fabrication process—from research and development to final volume production. These defect inspection and metrology equipment solutions are designed to help fabs accelerate their development and production ramp cycles, to achieve higher and more stable semiconductor die yields and to improve overall profitability. Our defect inspection and metrology equipment solutions are also used in a number of related industries, including wafer manufacturing, mask manufacturing, solar process development and control, medical device manufacturing and data storage manufacturing, and general materials research.

We invite you to visit sections of our website specific to your company’s metrology equipment and inspection needs. Links at the left are organized by industry and application to help you navigate our extensive portfolio of current inspection and metrology equipment and products. In addition, our K-T Certified section describes fully refurbished and tested KLA-Tencor pre-owned equipment and tools for fabs, wafer/reclaim houses, mask shops, OEMs, and material suppliers. We offer buy-back, re-marketing and flexible trade-in programs for surplus tools, and upgrades and performance enhancements to existing tools. Finally, please visit the Support section for information on services we offer to help companies maximize the benefits and performance of their KLA-Tencor tools.