Instrumented Substrate Measurement



Process Probe Instrumented Substrates Measurements

SensArray Process Probe® instrumented substrates allow for accurate temperature measurements in real time in many semiconductor and flat panel display fabrication processes, including lithography, etch, deposition, and solder reflow. Each Process Probe substrate measurement tool is custom made to meet your specific application needs. You specify the substrate, the substrate size measurement, the number and location of sensors, and the length of the lead. We can even instrument sensors into a substrate that you supply.

Instrumented Wafers for Semiconductor Front-end Applications

For front-end semiconductor applications, we offer a variety of sensor types to provide a precise substrate measurement in almost any environment, including thermocouple (TC), resistance temperature detector (RTD), fiber optic or peak temperature indicators. Our wide array of Process Probe wafers can provides substrate temperature measurements from -150° to 1100°C, helping you to optimize control parameters in nearly any process, ultimately producing a higher output from your fab.

Instrumented Glass for Flat Panel Applications

As the size of the glass for flat panel applications increases, so does the flexibility of the substrate temperature measurement solutions from SensArray. We offer options for instrumentation of glass panels with TC sensors at our site or at yours, eliminating the cost and inconvenience of shipping the large, fragile glass panels to our factory for substrate measurement.

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