Unpatterned Surface Inspection System

Product Description

The Surfscan® SP1 is an unpatterned surface inspection system that provides the sensitivity, repeatability, surface quality measurements and throughput capabilities required for 0.18 µm process technologies and beyond. Designed for wafer, equipment and IC manufacturers, the SP1 provides 0.08 µm sensitivity on well-polished silicon at 95% capture, as well as throughputs of up to 150 wph on 200 mm wafers, and up to 100 wph on 300 mm wafers.

Provides complete surface information
Utilizing multiple darkfield collection optics and an optional brightfield collection channel based on Nomarski differential interference contrast technology, the Surfscan SP1 is able to provide an unprecedented amount of surface information in a single wafer pass. This increases productivity by lowering the number of inspection steps, and enables automatic classification of many defect types -- including mounds, dimples, slip lines and stacking faults. In addition, a unique Spatial Distribution Analysis (SDA) algorithm automatically identifies localized clusters of defects -- such as scratches or slip lines -- making it easier to identify the defect source.

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