Product Description

The ICOS® T830 optical inspector provides high-performance, fully automated optical inspection of packaged integrated circuit (IC) components. The component inspector leverages high sensitivity with 2D and 3D measurements to determine final package quality for a wide range of device types and sizes. The ICOS T830 offers parallel operation of four independent inspection stations and a component sorting station, achieving high throughput, cost-effective component inspection.

  • Four independent component inspection stations
    • Top Inspection
    • 3D Inspection
    • 5 Side Inspection
    • xCrack+ Inspection
  • xPVI™, extreme package visual inspection, enables high sensitivity detection of top and bottom component surface defect such as voids, scratches, pits, chips and exposed wires
  • xCrack+ provides accurate detection of die micro-crack defects that can cause thinner components to fail
  • 5 Side inspection allows high-speed detection of EM shielding defects, voids, chips, cracks and other defects on the bottom and four sides of QFN and BGA packages
  • High-speed 3D ball, lead and capacitor metrology, package Z-height measurement and component side inspection ensures package quality
  • Supports all IC package types:
    • Leads: Thin Quad Flat Package (TQFP), Quad Flat Package (QFP)
    • Balls: BGA, Chip Scale Package (CSP), Wafer-Level Package (WLP)
    • Pads: QFN, Bump Chip Carrier (BCC)
    • Lands: Land Grid Array (LGA)
    • Package-on-Package (PoP): Interconnect
  • Fully automated tray pitch changeover
  • Pocket integrity check scans the trays to ensure there are no empty pockets or double units in the tray

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