Product Description

Building on the industry-leading ICOS Component Inspector Series, the ICOS® T640 is a fully automated optical inspector of integrated circuit (IC) packages for 3D measurements and package quality. Now offering automated tape changeover capability eliminating manual operator intervention. The ICOS T640 component inspector has two tapers for increased output — significantly reducing cost of ownership. The system offers superior inspection through 3D metrology, as well as scalability to a wide range of packages and sizes.

New Features

  • Dual Tapers
    Dual tapers for fast output to accommodate package changeover, increasing units per hour (UPH) and reducing the total cost of ownership
  • 14 Nozzle Inspection Handling
    The devices are brought to the inspection module with 14 nozzles.
  • Dynamic Tray Compensation (DTC)
    Camera measures the tray dimensions/tolerances and compensates for flex in the tray
  • 7 Nozzle Taping With automatic pitch changeover
  • Top inspection in parallel with taping process
    Minimizes impact of yield on throughput
  • aPVI™ Option
    Advanced Package Visual Inspection. Find critical defects with highest sensitivity and increased capture rate
  • Post Seal Inspection Option Seal line and through cover inspection of sealed tape
Related Information

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