Product Description

CIRCL-AP™ is a cluster tool with multiple modules, covering all-surface inspection, metrology and review at high throughput for efficient advanced wafer level packaging (AWLP) process control. The CIRCL-AP tool is utilized for multiple AWLP applications requiring high sensitivity including 2.5D/3D integration, wafer-level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) and fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP). With support for bonded, thinned and warped substrates, CIRCL-AP provides production-proven process control and monitoring strategies for Cu-pillars, bumps, through silicon vias (TSVs), redistribution layer (RDL) and other packaging process flows.

8-Series front side defect inspection and metrology module

  • LED scanning technology with 0.5um sensitivity
  • Simultaneous oblique and normal illumination, superior autofocus and advanced algorithms produce high capture of a wide range of defect types at <5% nuisance rate
  • Automated defect binning and defect review provide fast identification of critical defects for reduced time to results
  • Tailored for advanced packaging process flows to find critical defects such as TSV cracks, RDL shorts and deformed or missing bumps and Cu-pillars
  • 2D Metrology for RDL, bumps and TSVs

CV350i edge inspection, profile and metrology module

  • Unique, multi-channel optical design leverages simultaneous brightfield, darkfield and phase-contrast modes to capture a broad range of edge defects with 0.5um sensitivity
  • Integrated edge profiler provides detailed measurements on wafer edge shape, critical for edge profile monitoring after edge trim, temporary bonding and thinning processes
  • Enables detection and review of edge chips, micro-cracks and delamination to prevent later wafer breakage
  • Bond process monitoring is enabled through the detection of excessive glue squeeze-out, edge voids and other defects; and, measurement of device-carrier concentricity
  • Automated defect binning and automated defect review reduce time to results

Micro300 optical defect review and metrology module

  • Switchable normal and oblique illumination modes enable the best contrast on a wide range of structures and defect types
  • Multiple magnification lenses provide the best field of view for varying applications
  • Multiple autofocus methods cover a broad variation of layers and use cases
  • X, Y and height metrology supports characterization and monitoring of multiple AWLP applications
    • TSV Fill and Reveal Process: TSV Z-height, TSV diameter, pad CD and registration
    • Micro-Bump and Cu Pillars: Pillar height, pillar CD and pillar registration measurements
  • Automated, high magnification review of defects provides actionable data for process decisions

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