Data Management Equipment for Wafer Fabrication Process

Product Description

FabVision is a real-time, fab-wide data management equipment for wafer production that continuously monitors, reports and manages product quality, inspection and metrology information. Wafer fabrication process excursion alerts, daily reports and selected data can be sent automatically worldwide to better manage operations at the fab, wafer production process or customer level. The integrated database enables quick analysis and response to customers’ inquiries about product history and quality. With real-time wafer production information, the FabVision fab-wide data management equipment provides management, engineering and operations with the capability to proactively detect wafer fabrication process excursions that can lead to yield loss.

  • Provides convenience for the metrology engineer by enabling remote desktop monitoring of measurement equipment – including real-time reporting and excursion alarms
  • Increases productivity by providing fab-wide storage of metrology and inspection data from many compatible KLA-Tencor equipment
  • Provides global access to data by centralizing data storage and allowing enterprise-wide data and report distribution
  • Connects worldwide manufacturing facilities for faster ramp up and shorter cycle times
  • Enables offline analysis of archived or current data
  • Generates reports on-demand from historical data
  • May increase profitability by reducing wafer scrap and rework and by lowering IT costs
  • Facilitates standardization of procedures and processes of the wafer fabrication process


Wafer Manufacturing: FabVision fab-wide data management equipment is an automated yield analysis solution for wafer manufacturers, providing data management, wafer fabrication process monitoring, off-line analysis and data automation capabilities. FabVision’s broad coverage provides unique benefits for various groups within the fab:

  • Wafer fabrication process and production engineers benefit from FabVision’s real-time process monitoring and email/page alarms on process excursions. Additionally, because FabVision data can be accessed globally, experienced engineers can review diagnostic data instantly, potentially saving time and travel expenses and increasing engineers’ productivity.
  • Quality control can use the FabVision fab-wide data management equipment to generate process control trend charts, tool calibration monitor data and other information necessary to ensure products meet or exceed customer requirements.
  • Sales can provide fast and accurate responses to customer requests by using FabVision to access on-line product archives and for special orders approval.
  • By utilizing FabVision to generate yield, tool usage and daily production reports, management can more effectively direct fab activities to achieve higher wafer output and lower costs.

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