5D Patterning Control Solution™
Enabling real-time process control for leading edge patterning

5D Analyzer® is a run-time process control solution with supporting analytics and visualization for ≤7nm node patterning, and is a key component in KLA-Tencor’s comprehensive 5D Patterning Control Solution™. It accepts a wide range of metrology and process tool data, including overlay, reticle registration, wafer geometry, chamber temperature, films, critical dimension, and device profile metrology systems. In particular, it analyzes data from KLA-Tencor Archer™ and Crossbow™ overlay, Aleris™ and SpectraFilm™ thin film, SpectraShape™ optical critical dimension, SensArray® process temperature, WaferSight™ PWG patterned wafer geometry and LMS IPRO reticle registration metrology systems, as well as scanner data, to enable a variety of offline and real-time use cases for advanced patterning control.

  • Advanced overlay analysis, characterization and real-time input to fab APC control systems for fab-wide process variations
  • Real-time overlay corrections, including HOC (high order correction) and OPO (on-product overlay) corrections per exposure for optimized overlay performance
  • Supports process tool data integration for fab-wide process optimization and monitoring
  • Analysis and correlation of reticle data and wafer shape data to overlay
  • Patterned wafer geometry module drives improved OPO by correlating wafer shape to overlay, and identifying process-induced wafer shape variations
  • Scanner Data Analysis, Scanner Alignment optimization and Scanner Fleet Management improve scanner utilization and reduce yield loss
  • Widely adopted by leading IC manufacturers

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