Reticle Blank Defect Inspection Systems
for Blank Manufacturers and Mask Shops
FlashScan 211   FlashScan 210

FlashScan 200 Series

Product Description

The FlashScan™ 211 mask blank defect inspection system supports mask shops and blank manufacturers in meeting mask blank defect requirements for optical and EUV lithography applications. With its proprietary laser scanning technology and three-channel darkfield optics, the FlashScan 211 system detects yield-critical defects that are not consistently identified by traditional confocal blank inspection systems. The FlashScan 211 system pairs its high sensitivity with unparalleled inspection speed and automatic defect dispositioning, reducing the time to results for various applications including: blank manufacturing process control, incoming and outgoing blank qualifications, mask manufacturing process control and process equipment monitoring.

  • Field-proven 355nm laser illumination optics and innovative three-channel darkfield collection sensors provide high signal, low noise imaging
  • High defect capture rates have been demonstrated on optical and EUV blanks at all layers: quartz, chrome, absorber films and resist coatings
  • The choice of high throughput or high sensitivity mode allows the FlashScan 211 system to be tailored by application
  • Proprietary Fourier filter enables high sensitivity inspection on masks with simple vertical and/or horizontal patterns, of constant or variable pitch
  • White light defect review camera, Automatic Defect Classification (ADC) and defect sizing algorithms enable easy defect dispositioning to reduce cycle time and time to results
  • Linkage to RDC, a reticle data analysis and management system, facilitates data exchange between FlashScan and Teron platforms for defect source analysis
  • Compatibility with blank box, RSP and EUV dual pod configurations provides flexibility for use in multiple manufacturing environments

FlashScan 210: The FlashScan 210 system features one sensitivity/throughput mode: standard sensitivity at high throughput. It is upgradeable to the FlashScan 211 system.