i3 Integral SensorWaferEtchTemp, the next-generation in-situ plasma etch wafer temperature measurement tool, captures the effect of the plasma etch process environment on production wafers and offers unique new temperature measurement capabilities to robustly characterize the high-power, high-frequency etch wafer recipes proliferating at 65nm nodes and below.

The EtchTemp in-situ plasma etch wafer temperature measurement tool enables etch wafer engineers to further visualize, diagnose, and control their plasma etch processes and process tools, through the significantly increased process temperature measurement capabilities. Enhancements include:

  • Up to 7kW total radio frequency (RF) power and RF immunity for use in any reactor
  • The ability to collect data without modification of plasma etch wafer process recipe or tool/robot settings
  • Enhanced spatial resolution, with 32 sensors within 10mm of the wafer edge, and offering 60 percent increased radial coverage

The EtchTemp SensorWafer, supported by the PlasmaSuite Software package, is designed specifically for chamber matching, post-PM qualification, trouble-shooting and process development.

Key features for these applications include:

  • Advanced RF shielding, enabling accurate plasma etch wafer temperature measurement at high RF powers as well as all frequencies and reactor designs
  • 65 temperature measurement tool sensors allowing increased wafer edge resolution; all electronics totally encased within silicon substrates
  • Thin 1.2mm profile resolves tool clearance issues
  • Advanced manufacturing processes bringing increased reliability and durability.

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