Plasma ON Temperature Monitoring of Silicon Etch Processes


Complementary to the industry-leading EtchTemp product, EtchTemp-SE delivers temperature wafer monitoring during silicon etch processes, providing temperature measurements with a higher signal-to-noise ratio than alternative methods. By characterizing thermal conditions that closely represent product wafer conditions, EtchTemp-SE assists in matching front-end-of-line plasma etch chambers and qualifying electrostatic chucks. 

Enabling Plasma ON Wafer Temperature Monitoring of Silicon Etch Process:

  • Flat, wireless wafer for in-situ silicon plasma etch chamber & process temperature monitoring
  • Enhancements over silicon etch alternatives (special coating, wider operating range, improved S:N, greater lifetime, & lower profile)
  • Temperature monitoring with silicon etch chemistry & plasma ON in key use cases:
    • Qualify new plasma etch chambers
    • Match plasma etch chambers
    • Post-PM plasma etch chamber verification
    • Electrostatic chuck qualification