The Nano Indenter G200 is an accurate, flexible, user-friendly instrument for nanomechanical testing. Electromagnetic actuation allows unparalleled dynamic range in force and displacement, enabling measurement of deformation over six orders of magnitude, from nanometers to millimeters. The Express Test option enables rapid nanoindentation measurements, as fast as one second per site. A laser heated stage option keeps the sample and the tip at the same temperature, resulting in precise measurements that cannot be achieved by conventional sample heater systems. Applications include semiconductor, thin films, MEMS, hard coatings such as Diamond Like Carbon (DLC), composite materials, fibers, polymers, metals, ceramics and biomaterials.

  • Compliant with ISO 14577
  • Electromagnetic actuation for unparalleled dynamic range
  • Flexibility and upgradability for new applications
  • Dynamic characterization of indent depth via Continuous Stiffness Measurement (CSM) option
  • Real-time control, easy protocol development, drift compensation

The Dynamic Contact Module II (DCM II) option offers the performance afforded by the original DCM option plus additional advantages, including 3x higher loading capability, easy tip exchange for quick removal and installation of application-specific tips, and a wider range of indenter travel.

As a fully dynamic indentation head for ultra-low-load mechanical properties characterization, the DCM II extends the range of load-displacement experimentation down to the surface contact level. With this option, researchers can study not only the first few nanometers of an indentation into the surface of a material, but even the pre-contact mechanics. It provides the lowest noise floor of any instrument of its type, ensuring the best indenter resolution available.

  • 3x higher loading capacity
  • Easy, quick tip exchange
  • Extends range of load-displacement experimentation

The High Load option expands the load capabilities of the G200 Nano Indenter up to 10 N of force, allowing the complete mechanical characterization of ceramics, bulk metals, and composites. The High Load option has been engineered to avoid sacrificing the instrument’s load and displacement resolutions at low forces while seamlessly engaging at the point in the test protocol when extra force is required.

The Lateral Force Measurement (LFM) option for use with the standard XP head provides three-dimensional quantitative analysis for scratch testing, wear testing, and MEMS probing. This option enables force detection in the X and Y directions to examine shear forces. Tribological studies use the LFM for determination of the critical load and coefficient of friction over the scratch length.

The precision heating stage for the Nano Indenter G200 is compatible with the standard XP indentation head. It facilitates the study of materials of interest as they are heated from room temperature to as high as 350C. To ensure reliable data, the system’s software compensates for drift associated with heating.

The Laser Heater option for the Nano Indenter G200 system utilizes a precise high-power diode laser to heat both the stage and sample. Advantages include the ability to measure nanomechanical properties at precisely controlled temperatures and to test samples under highly dynamic temperature conditions. The system’s laser-heated indenter tip prevents disturbance of substrate temperature during measurement. Keeping the tip and sample at the same temperature enables high-temperature continuous stiffness measurements (CSM) with exceptional precision.

To ensure reliable data, the Laser Heater option minimizes drift associated with heating. Users have the option to purge samples with various gases to avoid contamination and oxidation.

  • Wide temperature ranges up to 500C
  • Ultrafast heating and cooling
  • Minimizes thermal drift
  • Easy, convenient operation
  • Option to purge samples with various gases to avoid contamination and oxidation
  • Dynamic measurements enabled by Continuous Stiffness Measurement (CSM) option

Designed exclusively for use with the Nano Indenter G200 DCM II & XP heads and stages, Express Test allows up to 100 indents to be performed at 100 different surface sites in 100 seconds. This option is ideal for applications involving metals, glasses, ceramics, structural polymers, thin films, and low-k materials. Testing is simple; just point and measure. Thermal drift is negligible thanks to the option’s speed. It performs area-function calibration in minutes and generates histograms automatically.

  • Ultrafast, award winning instrumented indentation capabilities
  • Compatible with all indentation DCM II & XP heads, and stages
  • Controlled-force or controlled-displacement mode
  • Rapidly evaluates Young’s modulus and hardness
  • Generates quantitative maps of mechanical properties

A wide selection of high precision nanoindenter tips enable quality data for research.

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