Implant Metrology Systems and Micro-Uniformity Maps
Therma-Probe 680

Product Description

The Therma-Probe 680 is a high performance, reliable implant metrology tool, enabling inline dose monitoring for the full range of implant and anneal applications at the 2Xnm/1Xnm design nodes. Continuing as the industry standard for implant metrology and anneal metrology, the Therma-Probe 680 produces critical process information about implant dose and profile, implant and anneal uniformity and end-of-range damage. In addition, the Therma-Probe 680’s high-resolution micro-uniformity maps provide fingerprinting capability for implant and anneal process development.

  • New UV laser source provides metrology capability for the full range of energy/dose implant applications and for advanced anneal applications
  • High-resolution micro-uniformity map reveals previously unknown uniformity issues
  • A throughput increase of >20% over the previous-generation Therma-Probe 630XP enables higher sampling for tighter process control
  • Production-proven tool-to-tool matching enables production efficiency and facilitates fab-to-fab technology transfers
  • High reliability and availability support IC ramp and production


Implant Metrology: The Therma-Probe 680 metrology system provides inline dose monitoring for a full range of implant applications. Medium current, high energy implant applications supported include: pocket, In or Sb channel, well, triple well and CCD buried barrier. Examples of high current, ultra-high dose implant applications supported by the Therma-Probe 680 include: ion beam mixing, band gap engineering, gate doping, PAI, source/drain and extension. In addition, the Therma-Probe 680 can measure ultra-shallow junction (USJ) depth and provide end-of-range detection. 

Anneal Metrology: The Therma-Probe 680 supports process development and inline monitoring of the full range of anneal applications, from bulk heating anneal processes (e.g. furnace, RTP) to higher temperature, diffusionless annealing processes (e.g. flash, laser, spike). For laser anneal processes, the micro-uniformity map produced by the Therma-Probe 680 can expose previously unknown process uniformity issues related to scanning mode, scanning pitch, scan stitching or laser spot distribution. For all annealing processes, the Therma-Probe provides non-destructive, inline feedback on the quality of the process, allowing engineers to take quick corrective action when issues arise.

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