Optical Critical Dimension (CD) and Shape Measurement Systems
SpectraShape 10K AcuShape SpectraShape 9000 SpectraShape 8000 Series

Product Description

SpectraShape optical critical dimension measurement system

The SpectraShape™ 10K dimensional metrology system is used to fully characterize and monitor the critical dimensions (CD) and three dimensional shapes of FinFETs, vertically stacked NANDs and other complex features on integrated circuits at the 1Xnm design nodes and beyond. Using a diverse array of optical technologies and patented algorithms, the SpectraShape 10K optical CD and shape measurement system provides feedback on critical device parameters (e.g. critical dimension, metal gate recess, high k recess, side wall angle, resist height, hard mask height, pitch walking) for a broad range of applications across the IC fab, from the early layers of leading-edge transistors to the last interconnect layers.

  • New spectroscopic ellipsometer enables high accuracy measurement of critical parameters for complex device structures using several optical technologies, including:
    • Laser driven plasma light source, providing higher intensity and lower noise for higher sensitivity and improved stability on a broad range of materials and structures
    • Multiple angles of incidence provide flexibility for high accuracy across a range of applications
    • Polarization capability provides additional measurement flexibility for higher sensitivity to critical device parameters
  • New Laser Driven Spectroscopic Reflectometer with unique TruNI™ illumination technology, enables the best sensitivity and accuracy for challenging applications, such as FinFET structures
  • Optional infrared channel enables high sensitivity for vertical memory applications
  • Superior repeatability, reproducibility, matching and reliability enable characterization of small process variations that affect device performance
  • Target-based, non-destructive optical measurements provide 3D profile information without costly wafer cross-sections
  • New, smaller box size supports multi-patterning lithography and smaller scribe lanes
  • Reduced measurement time compared to the previous-generation SpectraShape 9000 systems supports the increased sampling required for tighter process control and the growth in number of process layers due to multi-patterning
  • AcuShape 3 Series software package accelerates the process of building robust, usable 3D shape models
  • Reliable, extendible architecture protects a fab’s capital investment

AcuShape 3 Series is the advanced modeling software that interprets the signals from the SpectraShape 10K systems. AcuShape 3 Series accelerates the process of building robust, usable 3D shape models. It includes a flexible user interface that enables model building by fab engineers with or without assistance from outside experts. Innovative algorithms speed library generation, ensure library quality and provide new visualization options. Additional AcuShape 3 Series features, such as Model Optimizer Plus and Auto Subsystem Selector which automates the modeling process, help accelerate time to a reliable solution.


Gate Monitor: Advanced gate processes, such as high k metal gate technologies, FinFETs, and high aspect ratios in vertically stacked NANDs and flash devices feature more complex device structures and require control of a greater number of measurement parameters. The SpectraShape 10K optical CD and shape measurement systems produce a detailed description of the shape of gate structures and identify any deviations beyond allowed tolerances. SpectraShape 10K systems measure parameters (e.g. critical dimension, metal gate recess, high k recess, side wall angle, resist height, hard mask height, pitch walking) critical to understanding and controlling the gate process before and after etch.

BEOL Dual Damascene: For back end of line dual damascene processes, small modulations in parameters, such as the bottom diameter of dual-damascene contacts, can seriously impact device yield or reliability. The SpectraShape 10K optical CD and shape measurement systems are used to obtain a comprehensive understanding of trench and contact profiles, providing engineers with a high productivity solution for identifying and monitoring process excursions.

Patterning Control: SpectraShape 10K systems measure and monitor CDs for self-aligned patterning (SADP, SATP, SAQP) and multi-patterning (litho-etch-litho-etch) techniques.

Additional Products


SpectraShape 9000: Optical CD and shape metrology systems enabling measurement of complex features for IC devices at the 20nm and below design nodes.

SpectraShape 8810/8660: Optical CD measurement and shape measurement systems enabling process monitoring of key structural parameters for IC devices at the 32nm and below design node.


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