Process Window Analysis

ProDATA Process Window and CD Analysis Software


Product Description

ProDATA™ V2.0 is a powerful process window analysis software tool that provides a systematic, robust approach to understanding and optimizing lithography processes across the Fab. This analysis software speeds critical decision making by enabling fast, easy and accurate analysis of experimental data, including critical dimensions analysis (CD analysis), roughness, sidewall angle, top loss and pattern collapse.

  • Reduced engineering decision time and increased engineering productivity
  • Reduced SEM and CD analysis time for process characterization, equipment qualification, new reticle introduction/qualification, and resist evaluation
  • Simultaneous optimization of process window across multiple features
  • Increased yield through better centered processes and greater tolerances
  • Repeatable, rigorous process window analysis
  • Compare CD swing curve data device level features and scribe line monitor structures


  • Stepper qualification
  • Optimization of new photo process
  • New reticle verification and qualification
  • Data analysis for photo tool monitoring
  • Photoresist performance comparison
  • Visualization of lithographic data and analysis results
  • Determine optimal lithography material operating thickness

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