In-Situ Wireless Sensor Wafer

Product Description

The SensArray HighTemp 4mm in-situ wireless wafer temperature measurement solution is designed to optimize and monitor advanced film processes (FEOL and BEOL ALD, CVD PVD) and other elevated temperature processes. The HighTemp 4mm measures process tool thermal uniformity, providing temporal and spatial temperature data collected under real production process conditions. With temperature control in the range of 0.1 degrees Celsius, the SensArray HighTemp 4mm helps drive within-wafer and wafer-to-wafer process uniformity requirements. By revealing thermal variations that can affect process windows and patterning performance, the HighTemp 4mm helps IC manufacturers with the integration of new materials, transistor technologies and complex patterning techniques.

  • Facilitates wireless temperature monitoring and optimization of a wide range of deposition processes
  • Operates within the 20-400 degree Celsius range
  • A 4mm wafer profile enables compatibility with a wider range of process tool types, include track, strip and PVD systems
  • Profiles temperature transitions of multi-temperature, multi-chamber processes
  • Offers comprehensive post-operation data analysis and leverages the learning obtained from other complementary SensArray solutions
  • Provide tool-to-tool and chamber-to-chamber matching for enhanced fleet management, and faster recovery from maintenance activities

The SensArray HighTemp 4mm is critical for helping fab engineers with a range of films process applications, including:

  • Process characterization and tuning
  • Tool qualification
  • Routine process monitoring
  • Equipment troubleshooting
  • Process tool/chamber thermal matching
  • Post-maintenance equipment verification

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