Process Probe 2030

The Process Probe 2070 instrumented glass tiles offer a cost-effective and flexible solution for reliable in situ characterization of glass temperature profiles many flat panel processing applications. Employing a number of small, instrumented glass tiles rather than a single, large panel of glass, the Process Probe 2070 allows the TC sensors to be easily placed at desired locations on the susceptor within the process chamber.

This flexible product design makes temperature measurements for LCD and other large-generation glass panel applications easy, and field repair of the product a possiblility. In addition, handling and shipping of the Process Probe 2070 is significantly more manageable and cost-effective than for unwieldy instrumented 5th generation and larger glass panels. The TC-instrumented glass tiles of the Process Probe 2070 perform with the same high accuracy and reliability as other SensArray brand instrumented substrates.

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