Process Probe 1530

The Process Probe 1530 characterizes and fine-tunes your process conditions to improve equipment performance, wafer quality, and yield. The Process Probe 1530 is designed for use in temperatures ranging from 0°C to 1100°C, and for a wide range of applications including cold wall, RTP, sputtering, CVD, plasma strippers, and epitaxial reactors.

Our specially patented ThermaBond technique is utilized to ceramically bond the deeply immersed thermocouple into a re-entrant cavity in the silicon to improve heat transfer and bond strength. The Process Probe 1530 allows you to measure wafer temperatures directly, in real time, during each critical step of your process cycle. The Process Probe 1530 optimizes temperature controller parameters, improves uniformity in multi-zone heaters, and determines wafer temperature stabilization times.

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