Thermal TRACK 5

Thermal TRACK 5 delivers real-time process measurements on a PC-based PDA for accurate measurement and maintenance of semiconductor process and equipment parameters. This convenient, hand-held system offers portability with no sacrifice in accuracy for in-situ wafer temperature measurements in almost all processes. The user-friendly software interface makes measurements and maintenance checks easy.

Use Thermal TRACK with SensArray Process Probe® instrumented wafers or Sensor Probe™ system state probes to efficiently display, log and manage your data. Thermal TRACK data files can then be downloaded for in-depth analysis with Thermal MAP® Analysis software.

Thermal TRACK uses Bluetooth™ wireless technology to communicate with the ISIS 5 data acquisition module. By designing the data acquisition and display modules of the Thermal TRACK system as stand-alone units, you have more flexibility in taking process measurements—especially in the limited space found in semiconductor fabs.

Portable, accurate, and cost-effective, ThermalTrack 5 gives you the information you need to control your processes.

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