The core of our data collection and analysis system for plasma applications begins with PlasmaView. PlasmaView is the process viewing system that puts the user inside the process zone for detailed process analysis. The plasma analysis system uplinks its measurements from PlasmaTemp, PlasmaVolt and Plasma Etch Integral SensorWafers and displays the plasma data versus time and space (2D or 3D). Movie views provide a feel for the critical transient responses and are useful for fault investigation.


Etch processes are notoriously difficult to control. The sheer complexity of etch systems and the number of process variables makes plasma etch a proverbial fab ‘hot spot’. Our PlasmaControl Enhanced Analysis Engine provides a new level of process control that will help monitor and control day-to-day operations and chamber-to-chamber matching. PlasmaControl distills the complicated etch environment down to a few critical control metrics and compares these metrics to user specifications for control. The user sees a ‘Go’ or ‘No-Go’ for each run with the ability to view trends, detect and investigate excursions and compare chambers. PlasmaControl is a key component in the PlasmaSuite plasma data collection and analysis solution set for etch applications.


PlasmaRx plasma data collection and analysis system gets inside the black box of plasma processes to help engineers identify the most likely cause of chamber problems. Despite advances in production techniques, process and equipment engineers still rely on their experience and trial and error methods to diagnose the chamber issues – a timely, costly and often frustrating experience. With PlasmaRx plasma data collection and analysis system, engineers can utilize their PlasmaTemp SensorWafers to effectively diagnose the root cause of the digression within minutes, all without opening the chamber or the need for other offline metrology. PlasmaRx, a key component of the PlasmaSuite plasma collection and data analysis system, gets you back in control quickly.


At-a-glance screen displays reduce time needed to digest complex etch processes, providing quick Pass/Fail info.

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