Darkfield Patterned Wafer Inspection Systems

Product Description

The Puma 91xx Series is a family of laser imaging, darkfield patterned wafer inspectors that effectively disposition wafers and improve the predictability of the chipmaking process by capturing critical defects at high production throughputs. Part of a fab's yield management strategy, the Puma 91xx darkfield inspection tools provide etch pattern excursion monitoring capability for memory and logic devices at the 55/45nm nodes and beyond.

  • Unique optical modes and multiple pixel options provide broad defect type capture at required speed for a range of process layers
  • High production throughputs at required sensitivity enable increased lot sampling or lower cost of ownership
  • Modular design allows various tool configurations, spanning applications from tool monitoring to advanced etch and photo
  • Commonality and connectivity with KLA-Tencor's 23xx/28xx broadband brightfield inspectors and eDR-5200 review system optimize inspector capacity and reduce production integration time
  • Brightfield recipe import and recipe optimization on KLA-Tencor's eDR-5200 review system enable operators to produce more accurate Puma inspection recipes in less time
  • Established tool architecture and production-proven tool matching result in consistent and reliable excursion monitoring results


Films: With unique optical features that produce superior nuisance suppression and surface selectivity, the high throughput Puma 91xx defect inspectors provide cost-effective defect detection on all film layers.

CMP: Flexible polarization options and multiple optical modes minimize process variation and enhance critical CMP defect capture, enabling fast and sensitive tool monitoring for CMP interconnect processes.

Etch: Innovative laser imaging technology enables the detection of etch pattern defects (bridging, shorts), making the high throughput Puma 91xx inspectors well-suited for non-critical etch pattern excursion monitoring.

Photo and ADI: The higher throughput Puma 91xx tools complement higher sensitivity broadband brightfield defect inspections by providing an improved sampling option for photo-cell monitoring and after-develop inspection.

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