Bitmap Analysis for Yield Enhancement

Product Description

Klarity Bitmap is an automated bitmap analysis and yield enhancement solution that collects multi-format bitmap analysis data from testers on the die test floor, classifies failure patterns and views the bitmap failures. Flexible and easy to use, Klarity Bitmap analysis solution separates yield-killer from nuisance defects and enhances root-cause analysis and yield learning on memory arrays.

  • Enables automated yield-excursion monitoring and frees personnel of complex, time-consuming yield analysis
  • Speeds time to results through automated, flexible yield analysis and classification of bit-failure patterns and their correlation with failure mechanisms
  • Delivers yield analysis on yield-killers and the yield-killers' die locations
  • Enables fast, color-coded viewing of failed bits and provides viewing of failed-bit patterns to help solve design errors
  • Allows users to quickly and intuitively organize, summarize and share large volumes of bitmap analysis for yield enhancement
  • Provides automated trending and bit-to-defect analysis through integration with Klarity ACE XP and Klarity Defect


Klarity Bitmap analysis solution with Klarity Defect, Klarity SSA, and Klarity ACE XP form a fab-wide yield enhancement and acceleration solution that automatically reduces defect inspection, classification and review data to relevant root-cause and automated yield-analysis information. Using yield analysis information, manufacturers can take corrective action sooner, resulting in faster yield enhancement and better time to market.

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