High Productivity Patterned Wafer Broad Range Inspection Systems
8920 8820

Product Description

The 8920 Patterned Wafer Broad Range Inspection (BRI) system detects a wide variety of defect types at very high throughput for fast identification and resolution of production process issues. The 8920 enables cost-effective defect inspection of 150mm, 200mm or 300mm wafers from initial product development through volume production, helping fabs reduce the risk of excursions by providing higher lot and wafer sampling. The 8920 wafer defect inspection systems feature several advances designed to enable semiconductor manufacturers to accelerate delivery of their products, reliably and at lower cost:

  • LED scanning technology with a selectable spectrum
  • Simultaneous brightfield and darkfield optical paths to capture a wide range of defect types in a single pass
  • Superior autofocus and advanced algorithms produce high capture of a wide range of defect types at <5% nuisance rate
  • Die-to-die, golden die and full wafer imaging for best defect detection
  • Automated wafer defect binning and defect review provide fast identification of critical defects for reduced time to results
  • Automated wafer and lot disposition for line and tool monitoring
  • Macro overlay error monitoring and Reticle ID check
  • Flexible configuration to accommodate 150mm, 200mm or 300mm wafers
  • Production-proven platform with high reliability, tool-to-tool matching and auto recipe setup


Advanced IC Fabs: The 8920 automated wafer inspection system provides a low cost-of-ownership excursion monitoring solution for advanced IC fabs and serves as a complementary process control solution to micro inspection systems. The 8920 enables high sampling capture of critical defects of interest in CMP, litho and other modules throughput the fab. The 8920 combines superior inspection performance, production worthiness, ease of use, and cost of ownership in an extendible platform.

Advanced Legacy Fabs: The 8920 patterned wafer defect inspection systems provide capture of a broad range of defects of interest at high throughput, supporting automotive and power device manufacturing. Geared by optional handing capability of non-silicon, non-SEMI substrates, the 8920 defect inspection system supports process control of MEMS and LED devices. The 8920 is a lower cost of ownership, extendible platform to support 150mm, 200mm and 300mm fab capacity expansion.

Image Sensors: The 8920 patterned wafer defect inspection systems represent a single, flexible solution to address the wide range of defect challenges that arise during the manufacturing of CMOS image sensors. The 8920’s selectable illumination wavelengths are color-matched to the pixels of the color filter array (CFA), and the inspection pixel size is a good fit to the CMOS image sensor roadmap. As yield-limiting defects can occur at any step in the assembly process, the 8920’s ability to inspect any of the CFA or micro-lens layers can help reduce materials waste and cycle time.

Additional Products

    8820: Provides high-throughput, reliable inspection capability for less-critical production applications, and replaces conventional macro inspection.

The 8 Series inspection technology is also available as a module on the CIRCL defect inspection, metrology and review cluster tool. For more information, please see: CIRCL.