With tighter design limits and the escalating need to increase yield and reduce semiconductor manufacturing costs, automated defect inspection to detect and classify defects in compound semiconductor processing is more critical than ever. KLA-Tencor’s Candela semiconductor inspection tool combines the elemental principles of scatterometry, ellipsometry, reflectometry, and topographical analysis to detect defects and then to classify defects in substrates, epi-layers, and process films. Candela semiconductor inspection technology is being used to detect and classify defects by industry leaders in LED, GaAs, SiC and sapphire industries to monitor production lines, detect mission critical defects of interest, and create process-specific recipes to detect and classify killer defects while ignoring nuisance defects.

Wafer Defect Inspection

  • ICOS WI-2280 Series: Next-generation defect inspection capabilities and flexibility to detect and classify defects for LED applications. 

Optical Surface Analysis

  • Candela CSxx: Defect inspection system to detect and classify defects for compound semiconductor and optoelectronic materials
  • Candela CS920: Defect inspection system to detect and classify defects for power device manufacturing

Stylus Profiling

  • P-Series: Benchtop stylus profilometer for production applications

Optical Profiling

  • MicroXAM - 800: 3D White Light Interferometer for Surface Topography